Fashion design is not purely a creative activity, it has to be unified with the ability to analyse, interpret and apply design solution, with the realisation skill and market sense. These qualities cannot be easily acquired in a college setting where the focus is put on fostering creativity within a limited timeframe. Building on the foundation of creative and design ability, the qualities can be best trained in an environment that is close to market and with plenty of hands-on experience to be developed in relation to design solutions and realisation. The Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA), therefore, established the Design Realisation Initiative (DRI) to support the Fashion Incubation Programme.

The DRI@CITA aims to provide non-profit making quality services in relation to design realisation. It builds on the designers' original ideas and enhances them with technical resources which include the following components:


Assisting designers in making prototypes and developing technical specifications.


Providing product development studio with well-equipped facilities and professional support. There is studio space, machinery (3D scanning, cutting table, sewing machines, pressing equipment, body forms, digital printer) and a professional team of designers, pattern makers, machinists and seamstresses.

The DRI@CITA initiative provides a perfect venue supporting designers to create their own design collections.

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Man Lau: