Coney R. Ko

Designer | Coney & Co

Coney & Co is a registered Hong Kong brand, founded by Coney R. Ko. Specialised in handmade semiprecious jewellery, the style integrates deco and contemporary to reinvent the neo-classic style as a tasteful yet eclectic constellation of jewellery.

Our signature collection is inspired by Art Deco. The design merges a variety of gemstones with a fan shaped brass structure accentuated by an artistic flourish. Coney & Co aesthetically represents a hybrid of vintage and modernity, which is an eclectic mix of Art Deco, a novel interpretation of a sustainable taste.

A former fashion designer, Coney now devotes her creativity in jewellery design as her way of sharing "a piece of happiness", the vary statement of Coney & Co. The aspiration of Coney & Co is to share taste, passion and joie de vivre through designs with all those who are ready to embrace "a piece of happiness".


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